Thursday, September 15, 2011

best of bill gaytten for christian dior fall 2011 haute couture collection times three

images courtesy of and christian dior
 Bill Gaytten creates accessories remnant of memphis
furniture of the 80's influenced by post modern forms
and designers such as the inspiring Ettore sottsass these
pieces are both sculptural and architectural. There is a
restrained and elegant layering of 3-dimensional forms,
colours and material that become surreal and engaging-
as an architect myself I feel as though I need to invest in
such a piece that are so carefully considered and
composed they become art. It is rare and exciting for a
fashion designer to be influenced by architecture and
furniture design especially from such specific and inspiring
periods that shaped and formed the aesthetic we live by today.
An exciting succession from Galliano that will most definitely
deviate from Dior's traditional aesthetic.

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