Monday, March 19, 2012

best of jean paul gaultier spring 2012 couture collection times three

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Ok so I have to admit I wasn't really into the couture collection
by Jean-Paul Gaultier, its fair to say his had better days. However
I couldn't go past these towering platform wedges, very worthy of
mentioning just the right amount of detailing as well.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

best of ricardo tisci for givency spring 2012 couture collection times three

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The details and processes in a givenchy couture collection
are incredibly mesmerising this collection is ofcourse no
exception, Ricardo Tisci delivers this ten piece collection
with exquistie crocodile detailing which involved ateliers
joining each scale like a puzzle to create these unique
garments worthy of a museum display to appreciate the
craftmanship behind its creation. I still fail to understand
after recently having seen the oscars why a-listers get about
wearing their regular strapless silk gowns when we have
these pieces.... cate blanchett is an exception to this comment
whom rocked a givenchy spring 2011 couture gown to the
oscars last year, god bless you woman!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

best of christian dior spring 2012 couture collection times three

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Bill Gaytten continues to impress me and I remain quite disappointed
about the criticisms made about his previous couture collection
for Dior that was influenced by Memphis design. I believe it was
brave and beautifully executed collection and will become a piece of
Dior history. Moving on, does anyone feel like the spring couture
collections have a reoccurring trend appearing....croc and snakeskin-
best executed by Givency, Dior and Armani of course, but I can't help
but think back to the best execution of croc in couture, which would have
to be Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 couture, a craftsmanship that can be
matched by no other- each scale is crocheted together! But Bill Gaytten
has demonstrated a seamless and refined way of articulating each scale
which is separating them and emphasizing their outlines by spacing them
apart which allows them to move three dimensionally in a way that a 2d
textile prohibits. Clever Boy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

best of karl lagerfield for chanel spring 2012 couture collection times three

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The setting was particularly out of the ordinary for karl's
couture show for chanel rather than the historic and grand
decadent locations that he has transported his guests to in the
past he chosen a futuristic space shuttle to present his
collection- which in my opnion is not at first glance consistent
with the collection design. Moving on from location though I
have to admit this collection is perhaps one of the very few that
I have enjoyed from chanel it keeps the typical tweed and
boucle textiles but he introduces bold colours to chanels palette
rather than the sickly pastels that conjoures thoughts of a retirement

Thursday, March 15, 2012

best of bouchra jarrar spring 2012 couture collection times three

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Bouchra Jarrar presents a couture collection which feels
most wearable amongst the current collections, it seems
to focus on masuculine tailoring which is extremely refined,
the detailing is extremely clever as she creates hybrids of the
coat and cape or transforms the collar into a draping scarf- a
unique and approach to couture that doesn't focus on the
predictable couture evening gown which is becoming oh so

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

best of armani prive spring 2012 couture collection times three

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Giorgio puts together a reptile inspired couture collection, that
doesn't take the typical and simple approach of using croc and
snakeskin through the collection but instead experiments with
contemporary and traditional materials and methods such as
mesh, lace, digital printing and pleating to transform his pieces
into organic and unique creatures. Perhaps the most exciting
development from this collection is to see how Giorgio continues
to progress his use of digital printing in the house's ready-to-wear

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

best fo alexis mabille spring 2012 couture collection times three

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I'm not usually a fan of Alexis Mabille couture however this collection
presented a whimsical use of colour for this particular designer. His head
to toe execution of colour blocking in a rather citrus palette is unlike any
other couture collection, the millinery and make up was rather bold however
critical to emphasize the solid blocking of his designs.