Saturday, March 17, 2012

best of christian dior spring 2012 couture collection times three

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Bill Gaytten continues to impress me and I remain quite disappointed
about the criticisms made about his previous couture collection
for Dior that was influenced by Memphis design. I believe it was
brave and beautifully executed collection and will become a piece of
Dior history. Moving on, does anyone feel like the spring couture
collections have a reoccurring trend appearing....croc and snakeskin-
best executed by Givency, Dior and Armani of course, but I can't help
but think back to the best execution of croc in couture, which would have
to be Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 couture, a craftsmanship that can be
matched by no other- each scale is crocheted together! But Bill Gaytten
has demonstrated a seamless and refined way of articulating each scale
which is separating them and emphasizing their outlines by spacing them
apart which allows them to move three dimensionally in a way that a 2d
textile prohibits. Clever Boy!

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